Car Brands List: All Car Companies & Automobiles Manufacturers

History of self-propelled engines rolls back to 1769, when first car was built based on a self-propelled engine. However, the auto industry in real means started in 1885 when the world witnessed what a car is all about and how

Japanese Car Brands & Companies List

Japan’s auto industry has always been a major player in world automobiles sector and Japanese car brands and companies have proven to be one of the best. Japanese cars especially sedan and hatchbacks are popular for their reliability, safety features

Italian Car Brands & Companies List

Italy is one of those countries that pioneered automobiles industry’s revolution in the world. No matter if you are a fan of luxury sedans, powerful sports cars or affordable hatchbacks, Italian car brands have it all covered for every car

British Car Brands and Companies List

When it comes to car manufacturing companies that are known for building most exquisitely beautiful and luxurious looking cars, British car brands are listed highly in one of them. You don’t even need to sort out the long list, because

Volkswagen Cars Models

When mentioning Germany’s big automobiles company, Volkswagen without a doubt makes it in the list of top names. Volkswagen cars and other type of vehicles are generally on the higher side of price tag compared to cars of its competitor

Hyundai Cars Models

Even though Hyundai is a relatively new entrant automobile company in American and European auto industry and marketplace, but still in short span of time it has claimed a decent market share with its wide range of vehicles exported worldwide.

Mini Cars Models

Mini Motor Company’s cars are stylish, looks cheerful and car’s diminutive dimensions make them one of those cars that you can instantly recognize as “Mini Car”. It is a UK based Car brand that has not only impressed the British

Hummer Trucks & SUVs Models

There are very few automobile vehicles that can be instantly recognized and Hummer Trucks and SUVs are one of them. If you see a Hummer SUVs passing by on the street, your immediate reaction would “Woah, It’s a Hummer!” Hummer

Honda Cars Models

Without a doubt Honda cars and other vehicles are extremely popular worldwide and the reason behind that is the reputation Honda has earned after decades of producing excellent quality cars which adds to reliability of the brand. Honda’s wide range

Ford Cars Models

In existence for more than 100 years, Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest brands in automotive industry in the United States. It has been selling wide range of cars and other automobiles worldwide with a reputation of a