2014 Mini Cooper Review

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Not long back, in 2002, the launch year of Mini. Gas being less than two bucks for a gallon, and the era of 1st Blackberry phones. Now, sure for some changes in place, being twice the value of gas, crackhead mayors and lesser of phones. And parallel to the line of speculation, stating, “I have a new Mini” did not incite safety fear any longer should it be away from an SUV’s path but had worries over mileage and the unwanted but inevitable payment for its unwanted high-end features. But! My my. This new third generation Mini, though named Mini but no longer so.

Details & Specifications

MSRP: From $19,950
Horsepower: 121 HP to 208 HP
Previous models: 2012, 2013
Engine Options: 1.5L, 1.6L, 2.0L

At 15.1 inches the new Mini, is 4.5inches longer that its predecessor model. Hence no more “mini”. This newest version as higher volume in terms of inner space, credited to the 1.1inches added to the wheelbase, judicious packaging, front track wider by 1.7inches and rear one by 1.3inches and the truck space incremented by 3 cubic feet. But even after all the increments and augmentation, Mini might still be a “mini” for you. (Have a look and ask yourself). Also to notify, this new “mini” Mini is slightly heavier. May be we can blame this on to the chunkier external embellishments, all assembled by Munich-based designer of the Mini.

Interior & Exterior Design

What its look brings to mind is “over extraordinaire” and looks like an awestruck face with a grin. Headlight comes as gaping cannons of halogen with huge logos. 17 and 18 inch wheels are optional but would amplify the mal-look of this tacky beauty. Open the door and seat yourself, and you begin to have strong liking for this “good-interior” Mini.

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