British Car Brands and Companies List

When it comes to car manufacturing companies that are known for building most exquisitely beautiful and luxurious looking cars, British car brands are listed highly in one of them. You don’t even need to sort out the long list, because names like Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lotus, Mini, and McLaren are more than enough to understand the level of British auto industry.

UK’s automobile manufacturing industry has its history roots starting in 18th and 19th century when it was rated as second largest automobiles producing company in the world and number one in Europe. Although British car makers witnessed massive success in 50’s and 60’s but due to economic downfall and jolt to the growth rate, it affected brinish auto industry and led to its spot slipped to 12th largest auto manufacturer in the world based on number of units its cars brands were producing during that period.

In current economy scenario the British auto industry has been growing on a consistent basis and it is on the rise again. UK’s automotive industry growth was 7% in 2013 which is a significant improvement. It managed to achieve the number based on over a million British cars were sold worldwide. In the year 1972, automobile industry in UK managed to touch the magic number of 2 million vehicles production and but today it will take lot effort to each there again. In recent past decades, many leading British car brands were purchased by other popular brands. For example, Mini and Rolls-Royce were acquired by the BMW Group, Land Rover and Jaguar were purchased by TATA and Bentley was purchased by Volkswagen. Given below are the leading British Car Manufacturers:


Mini Car Company LogoEven though Mini is not a British car brand anymore, because it is now a part of BMW group which is a German brand, but still worldwide it is recognized as an Iconic car maker from UK. That said, Mini’s Clubman and Cabiro models are still completely manufactured and assembled in company’s Swindon and Hams Hall plants that are based on Oxford, UK. Even though the company was sold to BMW, but the brand value is still rock solid with over 300,000 cars sold worldwide in 2012. Although, the popularity of BMW Mini hasn’t reached the peak of it as yet, but the new Mini Cooper S has several unique features of original Mini that made the car one of the most popular ones in world. The new Mini is more stylish and sleeker in appearance with latest auto engineering technologies of BMW, but it still offers that amazing small car driving experience that makes it amazing vehicles to own.

Mini Cooper 1961 Model In Black


McLaren is one of the newest car manufactures of Britain’s auto industry that has achieved amazing success in short span of time and also makes an impressive headway with its wide range of cars. Company’s main focus is to become the most successful F1 racing teams. However, McLaren has also an impressive range of road cars that are as good as its F1 racecars. As a business partner, McLaren and Ricardo has joined hands and now they develop their own 3.8lt twin-Turbo V8 engines which they use to power-up their present and upcoming range of cars. McLaren has its business operation in over 21 countries with its dealerships and last year company managed to sell over 1000 MP4-12Cs which is a remarkable achievement after being in the business for just an year. It has to be one of the fastest growing British Car Brand at the moment.

Mclaren P1 Yellow Sports Car

Aston Martin

In 2007, David Richards who is the Chairman of Prodrive Company acquired Aston Martin in a group of purchasers that also include John Singers who is an American Investment Banker and other two are Kuwaiti companies. Therefore, technically Aston Martin is not a British car brand anymore. Company is worldwide recognized as a luxury cars manufacturer that produced desirable models with super advanced auto engineering and technology. What makes Aston Martin cars special is how beautifully they make use of latest technology in combination with old school interior and exterior designing of the car. These days, company’s prime product line includes luxury grand tourers and performance oriented sports cars.

Aston Martin V12 Vintage Car In Silver Gray Color


Jaguar Automobile Company was founded in 1922 and since then it is known as leading car brand that knows how to build powerful cars that are extremely fast. It is one of the most popular British car brands. Although Jaguar cars deliver excellent looks, style and luxury, but fuel efficiency is a major problem of its cars. In 2008, India’s TATA Motors PVT acquired Jaguar for 2.3 Billion US Dollars. Over the last couple of decades company has seen several ups and downs, but still Jaguar’s powerful and styling looking cars have helped the company to remain alive in the business. In 2013, Jaguar’s F-Type concept car was awarded as one of the most stylish and luxurious car.


Bentley Car LogoIt’s not a secret that almost every British car brand is known for the luxury cars their produces, and in that case Bentley is nothing less for the cars lovers. Even though Volkswagen acquired Bentley, but still company builds and assemble all the cars in their Crewe based manufacturing plants. Bentley has customer all around the world, but in 2012 China was leading importer of Bentley cars.

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