Italian Car Brands & Companies List

Italy is one of those countries that pioneered automobiles industry’s revolution in the world. No matter if you are a fan of luxury sedans, powerful sports cars or affordable hatchbacks, Italian car brands have it all covered for every car enthusiast. Their cars are designed and built with stylish appearance and backed with powerful performance and top quality auto engineering which helps the customers in making the right selection.

Italian car brands can be found selling their cars all over the world because financially their companies do not have any barriers to produce wide range of selection for every segment including affordable cars, powerful cars, fuel efficient vehicles and luxury class SUVs as well. Having said that, some of the most stunning and stylish looking cars that world car enthusiasts have ever seen are all made by Italian car manufacturers. Besides excellent exterior and interior designing, Italian car brands are also quite popular for their cars that are remarkably fuel efficient, which helps them sell their cars in developing countries as it is of great importance for them due to high fuel prices. The reason why Italian cars enjoys worldwide reputation of one of the best is because of their fuel efficiency is combined with top class design, durability and performance, which is difficult for any automobile company.

Brands of Italian cars and automobiles industry have taken it to another level in last couple of decades and now country’s automotive industry stands on 5th place in the world. Majority of that success goes to companies like Fiat which holds the 90% market share in Italy. Besides Fiat being the leading brand, there are other successful Italian car brands as well. Given below are some of them!


Fiat Car LogoBy several group of investor, Fiat as a company was established in Italy in the year 1899. Based on number of vehicles produced by the company every year, Fiat is currently the 6th largest car maker in the world. Company’s main headquarters are based in Turin city of Italy. Fiat as an automotive company has a history of acquiring its biggest competitors to enhance its influence in Italy’s auto industry. It all begun in 1967, when Autobianchi company was taken over by Fiat and in just next couple of years company managed to own shares in bigger players like Ferrari and Lancia. Moving on to its buying spree in 1986 Fiat purchased Alfa Romeo and soon after it managed to buy Maserati Motor Company in 1993 as well. All these events helped the company to become the leading Italian car brand. For more than 12 times Fiat’s cars have been awarded with best car of the year in Europe because of their exhilarating styling and fuel efficiency. Fiat as an automobile company has its presence all around the world.


Fiat Abarth Wallpaper


Ferrari Car Company Logo DesignIt is one of those few car brands that almost every car enthusiast would know for sure. It was founded in 1928 in Italy by Scuderia Ferrari. Ever since company’s inaugural period, it has been producing cars that are jaw dropping in terms of both style and speed. In simple words, you just cannot get enough of Ferrari cars! They are expensive but if you have cash to spend, there is nothing better than a Ferrari. During the initial years of the company, it was known as a racing team of Alfa Romeo company but after some time they parted ways and Ferrari ventured in their own business of manufacturing cars.

Today, Ferrari has presence in almost every continent of the world but still it has the headquarters in Maranello, Italy. Undoubtedly, Ferrari is one of the most popular and recognizable Italian car brands.


Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano in Red Wallpaper



Lamborghini LogoWith a dream of building the best ever touring car, Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company in 1963. However, the plan of developing the greatest touring car led to the birth of a company that pioneered the sports cars industry. Lamborghini is an Italian car company that is worldwide famous for its cars that are super sleek, iconic in style and their designs are based out of the box creativity.

Their cars not only look amazing from the interior and exterior point of view, but are also designed to be comfortable and deliver excellent performance. However, building these exotic cars isn’t easy economically because they are expensive and not an average Joe would be able to afford them, therefore company suffered huge financial losses which led to its bankruptcy and was sold to Audi Group. However, company is still in operation and continuing to produce stunning cars such as Jalpa, Diablo, Gallardo and several others. Audi buying Lamborghini has been a blessing in disguise because it has enabled the company to deliver record sales numbers and helped it remain alive in the business.


Lamborghini Egoista Wallpaper HD


Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is a part of Fiat group these days as it was acquired by the company several years ago. Even though Alfa Romeo cars are not equivalent engine power of cars made by other Italian cars companies, but still it manages to produce staggering looking cars that are small in size and also high on performance. The company was established in 1910 in Milan, and the first release car had only 24 horsepower. Since then it has been making cars that are recognized worldwide.


Just like any other Italian car brand, Maserati also has seen several ups and down in business and has a long history of takeovers and restructuring. That hasn’t stopped as yet, because these days Maserati is a parent company of Fiat and Alfa Romeo. As a car manufacture, company has delivered several world class cars and still rated amongst the best Italian cars brands list. Maserati specializes in building sports cars, 4 dour sedans and Coupes and also known for building affordable family hatchback cars.

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