Japanese Car Brands & Companies List

Japan’s auto industry has always been a major player in world automobiles sector and Japanese car brands and companies have proven to be one of the best. Japanese cars especially sedan and hatchbacks are popular for their reliability, safety features and fuel efficiency as well. Other factor that works in Japanese automobiles manufacturers’ favor is the reasonable price tag that makes them affordable for customers in developing countries. Not only inexpensive and durable cars, but off late some Japanese car brands have earned the reputation of building luxury cars as well. Given below is the list of Japan’s top rated cars companies:

Acura Car LogoAcura: Acura Company was founded and established in 1986 and today it is a parent company of Honda that works in luxury cars division. Best selling cars line-up from Acura includes MDX, TSX, RLX, TL, RDX and the famous ILX series. Recently Acura’s ad campaign was a massive hit in South Asian countries with the new company slogan “Let the race begin” to showcase the brand as one of the best in the business.

Daihatsu Company LogoDaihatsu: Yet another promising Japanese car company that is known for its expertise in building small-size cars. Product line of Daihatsu cars offers Terios, Sirion, Cuore, and Gran Max. Daihatsu company was founded in March, 1907 in Osaka city. Daihatsu company name is a combination of two words which are Osaka and Hatudoki. Engines used in company’s cars are designed and built by Hatudoki.

Honda LogoHonda Motors: When it comes to best selling sedans, compact cars, hatchbacks and luxury SUVs Honda stands right on top of the list of top brands. Honda has also pioneered the hybrid vehicle development in Japanese auto industry. Top rated product line of Honda includes Civic, CR-V, Accord, and Odyssey. Honda also produces motorcycles and scooters and has been the biggest auto exporter company of Japan.

Lexus LogoLexus: Lexus is one of the most promising and fastest growing luxury cars brand of Japan. You must have seen their creative ad campaigns that showcases their cars as best luxury cars you can ever own. Not only in advertisement, but their range of cars are extremely well designed and built with top notch auto engineering as well. Popular Lexus sedan cars include ES, LX, GS, IS and on the other side SUV products line offers RX, LX, and GX that are extremely popular worldwide. The best part about this Japanese brand is that it offers cars for every market which adds on to its reputation.

Mazda LogoMazda: Mazda Motor Corporation is one of the oldest automobiles manufacturers in Japan’s automotive industry. Company’s headquarters is based in Fuchu, Japan. The new logo of the company was designed in 1997 which highlights the “M” character to convey the message of company’s progress into future. Mazda also has pioneered the “Sky Activ Technology” and it has been making use of it in its cars. This innovative technique helps cars to increase fuel efficiency similar to what it is in hybrid cars. Several other auto manufacturers are also planning to work with this technology.

Mitsubishi LogoMitsubishi: When it comes to most recognizable Japanese car brands or automobiles makers, Mitsubishi Motors tops the list. Ever since company was founded in 1917 it has been releasing excellent quality cars year after year. They are one of the first few Japanese companies that managed to sell their vehicles in the US since 1981. As a company Mitsubishi Motors is known to emphasizing on building inexpensive and fuel efficient cars, electric vehicles, and crossovers. Besides its excellent fuel economy cars, Mitsubishi also offers longest warranty period on its product line.

Nissan Cars LogoNissan: Founded way back in 1933, Nissan Motors headquarters are based in Yokohama City of Japan. Nissan has over 20 manufacturing plants in different countries including USA. Nissan’s creative car designs and shapes has been the highlight of the company’s products line that definitely attracts cars enthusiasts across the world. Cube, Leaf, Cabriolet, and Juke are one of those cars that can be instantly recognized as “Nissan Cars”. So, if you want a unique looking car, then Nissan is your best bet. In recent couple of years, Leaf has been the most popular car from Nissan which is a hybrid electric car. Nissan also offers world class sedans such as Altima and Versa along with attractive sports cars like Nissan Z.

Subaru Company LogoSubaru: This Japanese has been the biggest success story of Japanese auto industry as it has achieved remarkable growth in past couple of years. Specially in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Germany, Subaru has been a massive hit. With excellent performance, reliability, durability, modern car designs and superb fuel economy, Subaru is the most purchased Japanese car in America and the reasonable price tag also helps the company cause to become a leading Japanese car brand.

The most popular models from the company are Impreza, Forester, BRZ, Legacy, Outback, Tribeca and the famous XV Crosstek. Without a single doubt, Suburu is all set to become the world’s leading brand in years to come.

Toyota Company Logo DesignToyota: In America Toyota entered the automotive market in 1957 and since then it has been the preferred choice of American car enthusiast with its wide range of vehicles, cars and mid-size pickup trucks. Camry and Corolla are the most popular models from Toyota with over million units sold in 2013 worldwide. Company’s long history of existence in Japan’s auto industry and proven product lines has made one of the best Japanese car brands.

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